Intermediary and Broker Solutions

In the fast moving world of insurance Quote Exchange allows intermediaries to leverage their existing systems to achieve a competitive advantage. Intermediaries use QE to build unique pricing systems (with their insurers partners) not available on the standard back office platforms, produce customized customer journeys optimized for mobile and desktop, create effective and targeted integrations with price comparison sites and maximize lead to sale conversion via online prospect management systems.

Implemented Solutions

Pricing & Enrichment

In the highly competitive online markets it is necessary to have the ability to display the best product (both in terms of price and policy details). QE pricing allows the existing quote engines to be extended to reflect the latest insurer deals and pricing, bring in additional quote engines & enrichment sources and optimise the quote process to generate the best price and not be restricted by the software platform being used.

Comparison Site Integration

While there are many back office suppliers provide comparison site integration as part of their standard package using QE's existing integrations allows a great level of control to manage the integration to produce the best results for both intermediary and comparison site. The QE platform encapsulates Management Information, Conversion Optimisation & Filter Management, Dynamic Product Details and variable Customer Journey (based on risk and / or insurer requirements)

Prospect Management

In order to optimise both new business and renewals conversion it is necessary to effectively manage customer prospects to ensure each prospect is dealt with in the most appropriate manner and also the intermediary's staff have the correct information at their finger tips. The QE prospect management systems cover all sources of customer prospect data and integrates to existing call to action systems (email / diallers etc) to provide a transparent and flexible tool for sales management to deliver the optimal conversion and the required costs levels.

Customer Journey & Cross Sell

To have complete control over the customer and sales staff quote journey allows both a marketing optimisation (optimised for all devices and different journeys and questions for different risk types) and a greater level of transactional control (cross sell prompt, sales scripting).